Leona Bermingham

Swords Treatment Clinic

Gym Plus Swords


At The Irish Physical Therapy Centre, I Leona Bermingham, located at Swords Treatment Clinic in Gym Plus Swords, phone number 0871156825,, value your privacy and am committed to protecting your personal data.

Your information, how its collected, what is collected why its collected, and how it is stored.

The main information I collect about you will be recorded on paper files. This information is or was received directly form yourself at some stage.

Information collected will include, contact details, such as phone, email and address. Other information, such as date of birth, GPs contact details, medical history, family medical history and information gathered from assessment and physical testing.

The contact information required is used to be able contact you; regarding making appointments, appointment reminders, follow up sessions, letters, rehabilitation exercise programs, reports that you may require.

Other information regarding medical history, is gathered to get a better understanding of the condition you present with and to be able to give an effective diagnosis, advise, treatment and management plan to aid recovery or to recommend referral.

It is important, information is accurate. If your circumstances, such as address, phone number, medical conditions change for you, it is up to you to inform me.

Any files I record are kept in a secure locked filing cabinet in a locked office. All files are for my eyes only unless instructed by the patient or client. Any files that are removed from the office, will be because I’m using a different office and these files will be kept in a mobile filing case with a lock, with the only keys kept on my person.

It is a requirement for Physical Therapists to hold onto files for at least 7 years from last treatment date. After this, files will be considered inactive and will be shredded.

Any emails and texts are encrypted and protected by security code and are deleted after 7 days. A paper copy of emailed documents, such as statements, reports, letters etc may be kept with your main paper file in a securely locked filing cabinet.

Nobody else other than me, has access to any of the information you give, or I record, unless you authorise it.

These policies will be reassessed in 6 months and change accordingly and will always be available for you to viewed at the clinic or on my website

If you require any further information or have any concerns, please contact me on above information.